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There Are Only A Few

There are only a few
that have seen through
the utter ridiculousness of life.

There are only a few
that have seen
the magnificence of life.

Even fewer have seen both
within their lifetime.

Even fewer see it everyday
and in every moment.

But many have caught a glimpse.

A glimpse when a loved one dies
but you have to continue working.

And your coworker complains about another coworker
for the hundredth time.

The thought comes in,
“This is utterly ridiculous.”

But the thought leaves and you never contemplate it.

The glimpse is gone.
Life returns to “normal.”

Time passes.
Grief of the loved one has passed.

The deadlines are still there.
The month-end close is this week.

Slowly but surely the stress returns.

The anxiousness returns.

The meetings must go on.
Decisions must be made.
The excel files don’t work on themselves (yet).
The kids must be fed and taken here and there.

This is “normal?”

Yes, that is what society tells us.
It’s “normal” to feel all that stress.
It’s “normal” to be anxious all the time.

But there are a few
who grab the glimpse
and don’t let go.

They feel the stress
as they get the kids ready to leave the house.

But the glimpse comes again.

They feel the stress
of the month-end close

But the glimpse comes again.

They feel anxious
about the meeting they are walking into
but the glimpse comes again.

Now the glimpse won’t go away.

It keeps coming.

And now there is a decision point.

“Do I return to ‘normal’ and ignore the glimpse?”


Do I say,
“I’ve seen the glimpse
I’ve seen the ‘normal’
I’m sick of the stress
I’m sick of the anxiousness
I do not yet know how to get out of this
but I will start today

I will continue tomorrow
until the glimpse becomes my life.”

For there are only a few
that are truly ready
for that level of Transformation.

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