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Why I Write & How to Read It

Why Do I Write? No idea, I just do.
How To Read It? An invitation for reflection and contemplation, not societal debate.

Why Do I Write?

I have no idea.
It isn’t something that I have to force.
It’s just there.
I didn’t cultivate it consciously.
I didn’t have to force myself to wake up this morning, force myself to walk into my office, and force myself to write words.
I just woke up around 3am. My body naturally wanted to move into my office. Words naturally wanted to spill out of me. I write them down.
But I don’t release most of it, which I’ll do more of in the future.

How To Read It

There is no right or wrong way to read my writing.
With that being said, here are some of my thoughts about it:

I believe that anyone can have success in their career and be fulfilled on a personal level.
I believe that emotional intelligence and inner peace is that pathway.

I write to the person that has sensed that there is something more.
That there is more to this life than just getting by.
More to life than recurring problems that seem to never stop.

My intent in writing online is to help one individual person realize that their internal world does not have to be dictated by the external world.

I coach as I write.
I write to you.
The one person reading my words.
I write to empower you to see things from a different perspective.
I don’t write to all of society.
Some of it will not make sense if you think about it from a societal stand point.

I don’t care about arguing about what I write.
My writing isn’t ‘right’; it’s just my thoughts and what comes through me.

You shouldn’t believe anything I say.
You also shouldn’t dismiss everything I say.
I’ve come to see that neither one of those is very helpful in life.

I do this with all the books I read.
I read words, something in the words intrigues me, it stops me reading, I go internal to ponder the words.
Sit with them. Wrestle with them.
Reflection and contemplation in solitude.

“How does this apply to my life?”
“What situations in the past make more sense now with this new frame in mind?”
“What truths are sitting there for me to see now?”
Then I drop them.
See what else comes up when I’m not actively thinking. That’s usually the good stuff!

You might love some of my writing.
You might hate some of my writing.
I hope it brings some sort of value. (Even though I just wrote this line, I’m not even sure I believe that. If it brings you value, so be it. If it doesn’t bring you value, so be it. It’s already brought value to me. It provided me with engagement. Immersion into an activity that I can get lost in.)

Read them as an invitation for reflection and contemplation.

Who Is Matt Goswick?

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